Monday, January 04, 2010

Discipleship Dare Day Four

Today's dare challenged me to divest of possession or "loves" for the purpose of removing hindrances in my relationship with God. God is jealous and will not tolerate any other gods before Him.

I have struggled with clutter for a long time. I have found that when I get rid of things I feel freed up, and when the house gets too cluttered I am prone to worry and can become distracted. There is peace in an orderly and uncluttered home. I am afraid I am losing the battle on the home front. My home office is a mess due to it serving many purposes: Ebay store, Pastor's Study, Home Banking Center, clothes closet and memorabilia collection bin.

Help me Lord to order my world in such a way that none of this gets in the way of my love or work for you.

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