Thursday, January 07, 2010

Discipleship Dare Day 6 Care...really care

Today's dare is about caring, caring about someone enough to change their world. There are many ways to do that, and it is exciting because no two situations are alike-- no two people have the same story. A wealthy person needs caring as much as a needy person, but they do not need the same things.

Our church is in an old coal mining town. The heyday of Shamokin is only a distant memory. The young people can't even imagine that the town was once bustling and thriving. We have lots of opportunities to care and help. Our church has been getting at least ten phone calls a week from people needing oil, food, rent $ or a bill paid because they got a shutoff notice.

I used to get so frustrated because there were so many calls, but our resources to meet their needs were far too slim, and I had nowhere to send them for help. I have a new strategy. I spend time asking them questions, and even if I can't meet their big immediate need, I usually find one that I can meet, even if it's just to listen. I have learned the value of just providing a caring ear, and it has brought many to ask questions about my Savior Jesus and join us for church. Would the Lord send them to me for no reason? He knows about our resources. I must have something they need- a caring ear.

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