Friday, January 08, 2010

Discipleship Dare Day 8- Accountability means growth in character.

In today's devotional from the Discipleship Dare Jess Bousa raises the issue of our character. We should all think intently about whether our own character measures up to the example Jesus set. It is easy to find people around us who we feel superior in character to, but we must not allow this to assuage our need to strive for Christlikeness.

Jess stresses the fact that character is developed best in community. This is true because accountability has a tremendous effect upon our development. Just as most things would never get done without deadlines, we tend to drift without the accountability provided in community. We need to love each other enough to hold one another's feet to the fire when necessary. This is true in school, at work, in the military, in sports, in the church and in the family- it is universal.

How would your church be different if every member felt responsible to help every other member develop in character?


mollyhow said...

We must be hel accountable for the things we are entrusted to. I believe by setting gals we can acheive and move ahead.

mollyhow said...

Held and goals are the mispelled words