Thursday, December 31, 2009

40 day Discipleship Dare begins

I will be blogging almost everyday for the next 40 days as I go through the Discipleship Dare together with a group of bloggers. The book was written by Jess Bousa and is an outstanding way to start the year or just get yourself in gear with a stronger walk.
Here is post number one:
I was struck by Jess' statement concerning Jesus' choice of disciples: "He did not pick them because they were qualified. If they were qualified for the job, they would not have been working as ordinary fishermen. They would have already been following a teacher of the law (a rabbi)."
I think that their locale in remote Galilee probably limited their access to many rabbis. Jerusalem was crawling with rabbis, but Galilee was known for fishing and agriculture, not theology. It was a lesser place, far from the center of things. I can relate to this as I have always ministered in obscure places.
Today's devotion also speaks of physical training by Marines before they enter active service. There are certain standards of physical development that must be met. I was thinking that sometimes older marines can fall out of shape because they are not required to keep as fit as the younger Marines. Has this happened to me? After serving for 27 years and receiving some "promotions" have I fallen out of shape for the mission? Am I a chair warrior?
I recommit to staying in peak spiritual condition (maybe the physical part will follow), and to follow my Rabbi more closely.


Mervy said...

I like your thoughts on "older" marines and how they tend not to be in as good of shape as the younger ones. AWESOME parallel!

Richard Earl said...

I have personal experience!

alliemo said...

are these your personal thoughts, Pastor? Or is this exerpts from the book?
thanks, alma k.

Richard Earl said...

Alma, they are my thoughts unless you see quotations.

Richard Earl said...

We'll be doing this book together as a church beginning in late Feb. I am doing it now to get ahead of the curve!