Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Discipleship Dare Day 18- Peacemaking or Peacefaking?

"You will never know who God will call to be His child as a result of rubbing shoulders with you." Jess Bousa

False peace is no peace at all. How often do we pretend we have forgiven or made amends with another when we have really just repressed our feelings? Real openness sometimes hurts, but it is what families thrive on. Unspoken hurt and resentment cannot produce long term loving relationships.

Timing and attitude are critical when we approach someone to confront. Finding a time convenient for them rather than us will produce the best result. An arrogant attitude will bring resistance, but a soft answer turns away wrath.

Fake peace just pushes our problems down the road. We will have to face them later anyway and it will probably be worse. Wipe that phony smile off your face and say what's on your mind in a loving and humble way. That's what family does!

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