Friday, March 24, 2006

Have You Ever Given Yourself Completely to Anything?

Life is pretty dull until you find your passion- the thing you were made to do, and the thing you would do for free for the rest of your life if you could. Very few people ever find it because they never give themselves to it without reservation. They want the fulfillment that comes with finding their passion, but they don’t want to get in too deep. It’s about commitment.

Watching the Winter Olympics from Italy last month I was a little startled at the sharp explosions of emotion when victory or defeat became apparent. Tears flowed in most cases whether the athlete won or lost. It was like a dam bursting, and there was no self control. Amazing, isn’t it that these paragons of self control, who could put any of us to shame in the area of discipline, should erupt in uncontrollable tears as soon as the climactic moment was reached. Why?

I think the answer lies in the level of commitment and life energy these folks have invested in their pursuit of greatness. They have dropped absolutely everything, and given themselves over to chasing a dream. It has ruled their sleep habits, diet, relationships, employment, thought life and much more for a very long time. When the end is reached there is nothing left to do but let it all gush out!

If you have never given yourself completely to anything, then you can only watch and wonder what they really feel. So it is with God. How few ever give themselves completely to the only One who deserves complete devotion. They write books about the ones who do.

Abraham was asked to leave his home and kinsmen, Moses was asked to confront the most powerful man in the world, Paul was struck blind and told to align himself with those who was in the midst of destroying. Jesus willingly hung His sinless body on a wooden cross to have the life sucked right out of Him.

Giving yourself completely to one thing provides the sense of purpose that we all need. It takes faith to commit so completely. Imagine the gush that will take place when we finish our course....and see Him face to face......

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